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8 yuan per share , but the shares at market value Pharmanex to count only over 7 , we believe that each piece more and more . Nike Air Max BW Men Shenzhen million cargo founder and CEO Xu Bing , engaged in operations on behalf of the clothing brand , currently the company is the largest operator service providers on behalf of trousers brand , operating on behalf of Playboy , ladies house , trousers brand Pedigree Joint and other clothing brands, including Playboy mens , mens trousers , mens shoes, men bag full operations by its behalf , on behalf of its operations , " Po joint " brand, has done the first day cat casual pants .rushed into the Chinese market , in the downtown business district , in shopping malls, you met first , turn around you will find another .Support " Blue Cat " Combating counterfeiting infringement, is to support the Chinese cartoon industry !Crazy prices doubled in three years, the global luxury tribute to the Chinese people

These products are priced chosen " gear " line is almost equal to the local clothing brand , with overseas a popular brand in the country s second-tier pricing is almost the same .Fang Xiaodong told this reporter , is currently engaged in the export of old clothes line when the low level of human culture , language exchange and network application capabilities not. Womens Air Jordan 3 After registration, the rights of people to enjoy the exclusive right of the image ." It is understood that currently have IT, digital consumer products , such as expanded integration channels " campaign " mode cancel big agents , to direct, or directly to the flat channels , brands directly to small agents.most worried about is the luxury industry licensing issues .Do not have the condition or unfit for the use of e-commerce goods, does not exclude the use of traditional business methods.

QUIRKY plans next year to open three stores in New York , Los Angeles and Oklahoma City .CONVERSE has worked with a number of designers , such as ANDREA HWANG and YOHJI YAMAMOTO YOHJI YAMAMOTO while creating an ALL STAR and Paris debut in 2001 autumn and winter clothing ." " When Taobao year challenge EBAY, there is a very successful experience : a small one hit the big one , be sure to close combat , let the whole world mistakenly think that you are the same body mass competitors, now between micro letter is then Taobao on EBAY strategy . Jordan Sixty Club According to reports, the main production base infringing , pirated products concentrated in Fujian , Zhejiang, Henan , Liaoning, Guangdong , Shanghai and other places.Problems hinder the online market is not standardized asWhy get involved in some domestic e-commerce shopping failed to succeed in exploring the channel as well?" For the current online store , the site management, technical support , logistics and distribution are no longer a problem .

Air Jordan 11 Fur AAA Reporter also linked to the internal personnel Cool respect , however, the party said that the situation is not clear between senior commerce Mo Dai China Youth Research Center analyst told reporters , Hou Yu Jiang dismissal may be due to its deviation from the investment policies of some people s vision , she said : .Especially piracy " Blue Cat " VCD, fake publishers have signed as many as 16 .While the domestic garment industry , from design , try to do , production -store sales , cycle is generally 6-9 months, the international brand name for 120 days .

Air Jordan 11 Fur AAA " in fact, old clothes sales are not as people imagine ," dirty and messy .Although China is the worlds manufacturing powerhouse , but the domestic brand development is still in its infancy, few independent brands , low export profits , at a disadvantage in the international market , to create " Chinese brand" remains to be done .However, in the second and third tier cities in our country and the emergence of a number of clothing brands Valentino plausible but completely disrupt the business of the original brand.Bu Guangqi that easy fast development in Beijing is very cautious , there is no large-scale expansion , but in August and September will be built tens of thousands of square meters of warehousing center in Beijings Chaoyang District when after improving storage conditions , easy fast or three times a day to promote the delivery of logistics services for large-scale expansion.Some local governments and their subordinate departments and departments from a narrow local interests, divide the work and development of the local economy in opposition , fear crackdown will affect economic development.The survey is expected to roughly 2012 to about 200 billion yuan in national or waste valuable clothes were eliminated.